The Blogspital


You might notice some reduced functionality on this site, since I was invaded by weak-ass search engine bombs for L0u1s Vu1tt0n spam, of all horrendous things, and the whole kit and kaboodle had to be shifted over to another WP build and server, a process that is apparently analogous to building an enormous sand castle and then deciding you want that sandcastle to be three meters to the immediate right.  So some stuff fell off, notably comment links, but I still see what you guys write so if you notice anything else made of fail please let me know.

I may also start testing the very shaky iPad WP app which seems to require updates on an alarming basis and I wasn’t really impressed the first time I tried it, so get ready for some dubioius posts and visuals.  The upside of these shenanigans will hopefully be:  more of the best blog money can’t buy:  Heavy Metta, beaches.