Okay, fine.

I think I’m giving myself a sore throat from not writing or speaking about this stuff, so here it is.

– I was not at all surprised to hear/read about John’s behaviour, although I had not experienced any of it first hand.

– It’s bad logic to conflate a person, a hatha yoga method, a company, a brand, another teacher, and your experience of the class or workshop.  Admittedly, it’s hard to parse out the different bits, but it’s just bad logic is all.  I apologize if I have done this, I’m pretty sure I have, but I tried not to.

– It’s also bad logic to theme*[see update below], and maybe this is where the trouble started:  Qualities of heart may be demonstrated in the physical body but they may not be.  Similarly, dedication to community or love should not be used as sticks to beat business decisions and legal trademarking decisions into otherwise good-faith teachers.  I apologize for doing this, on any level.

yes, this is an old picture

– I am a fully dues-paid Anusara Inspired™©® teacher right now, although I plan to let my license expire at the end of this year, because as anybody who knows me or reads this blog knows I have been over the Anusara Yoga organization for a while now, after having been so disenchanted by way of the certification process that I knew I did not have a home there.  I’m actually sort of surprised that this should need restating.  But I also do not see the urgency in resignation, as my Inspired license does not demand anything from me that I find compromising, and I am endeavouring to not fuel the bad logic mentioned above in conflating the tools and training with The Man.  Maybe if I was certified it would be different, I can’t speak to that.

– I’m not sure you will notice that many differences between my teaching before the Anusaga and now.  I don’t chant the Invocation right now because it puts memories of training with John in my body and I don’t want that.  But there’s nothing wrong with the Invocation.  It’s a modern Western melody for a solid old mantra.  I choose the way I teach because I am watching to see what works, for me and for you.  Anything that doesn’t work will be discarded.  Anything that works will be retained.  Brands are irrelevant.  Legalese is irrelevant.  People think I’m upset about John and I’m not [see above].

– I chose to study this method for a reason and many of those reasons still stand, even though I am leaving the *organization*.  As M said, “Anusara was the closest thing to what you do” and so maybe it’s just time to do what I do.  It spoke to very essential and deep places in me that I still believe and have felt since I was a child, and therefore I remain basically bemused at the drama that surrounds it.  Mind you, I have had time to cultivate the emotional space away from the organization, see above.

Any questions?

UPDATE:  This was unclear.  An idea, concept, unifying vision or focus for class is great.  I mean explicitly linking the physical body and its capacity for action to the most grand purposes of practicing yoga.  I think we all know when theming is good it’s great; but when it’s faulty it is tedious at best and abusive at worst.

UPDATE II:  I resigned my Anusara Inspired status on May 30, 2012.