L.O.S. Weeks 66 through 70

I have been making small ballpoint pen notes in the program as I progress, usually just underlining new poses or bracketing sequences of interest.  Sometimes I’ve put some exclamation points or smiley or sad faces depending on what he’s thrown into the mix.  This section has “WATERLOO!!” scrawled at the top and some big black underlining of Mayurasana, Padma Mayurasana, Nakrasana and of course, my personal Kryptonite:  handstand into backbend.  It’s like he just unloaded all of the stuff that’s just frickin impossible into one section.  I was actually having an OK and more or less edifying time with Weeks 61 through 65 which, while handbalance-heavy, were doable [dropbacks against the wall and so on] and without too much preamble my water-wings have been removed and I’m in the deep end.

the inevitable enticing romance of spring…I am a sucker

So then I have to go back to the beginning and remember when e.g. Vrksasana was impossible.  When running was impossible.  When wall balls and Headstand were impossible.  It was just over a year ago I started my classes at the gym and [duh] 66 weeks ago [probably a little more if you insert illness/crisis/travel time] that I started Project Light on Sjanz.  And every single day was impossible until it was done.  Then it was not just possible but obvious.

Mental focus on the present moment is critical to make sure you’re paying attention and are not burdened with anxiety or projection.  However, the context and emotional memory for your endeavours extends through time, and no matter how advanced or adept you become a little part of your brain should stay tethered to the place you were in when you started.  Maybe it’s just a thin thread, but those seeds of beginning still grow in you.   You do not have a finite amount of beginnings in you, so don’t make the common error of thinking that once you have achieved a few “firsts” that you run out.

Gotta jet, I hear Robs through the baby monitor running through all the words he knows, checking to see that on this sunny spring day his knowledge still abides.  “Hannah’s nose.  Mummy’s nose.  Baby’s nose.  Daddy’s nose.  Cat’s nose.  Car.  Airplane in the sky.  Boats in the water.  Toe on foot” u.s.w.  That probably means he’s ready for more input…