dsc_1068I completed my B.Mus in Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto in 1999, the culmination of a deep and pretentious yearning to be in a Big City doing Something Artistic. I even wore a beret. I was a singer and also worked on some arranging here and there, but since there’s no job fair for musicians, and I wasn’t very organized, I sang in the back lounge on Carnival Cruise Lines for a while and landed in Vancouver in 2002.

As a counterpoint to my day job I camped out at then-Yaletown Yoga and pretty much refused to leave. Being there all the time meant that one day they needed help teaching a class due to an injured teacher and on account of I was already there, I took a big gulp and tried it out.

From there I’ve been lucky enough to teach at several of Vancouver’s incredible studios, and now there are so many yogis I can’t keep up with them all. It’s almost like yoga is good for you, or something.  Find me at Yaletown YYoga and One Yoga For The People.

In April 2011 I gave birth to Hannah and Robert and, unsurprisingly, my personality and interests changed: A LOT. My approach to teaching and service became more urgent as I strive to build a world that I’m proud to offer to them. That means keeping my side of the street clean, and it also means working within more tangible frames than just personal spiritual practice: politics, discussion, feminism, economic analysis &c.

If you’re looking to become a yoga teacher, I am part of the faculty at the Vancouver School of Yoga and I’d be honoured to help you with your mission.

To rebuild my broken body post-twins I sought out the counsel of my coach at Crossfit Optimum Performance, now The Athlete’s Program, and got so into it I completed my Level 1 Coaching Certification in July of 2013.  I still enjoy picking up heavy things and putting them down again.

I live in East Vancouver with the twins and their dad, artist/musician Morgan Mackie.  Come over and see me sometime.


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