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James Stewart

James Stewart

Yoga Instructor

Sjanie is as legit as they come in wisdom and sense of humour.

Chad Weir

Chad Weir

Edit headlineDigital & Events Guy. Entrepreneur, Change Catalyst, Ideator, Image Maker, Triathlete, Muso & Yogi.

Sjanie is to the Vancouver (if not the global) yoga culture, as water is to the ocean. She can in the same breath mix the wisdom of the ages with an incredibly well placed pop culture reference and some how relate it back to the emotional experience you had earlier that day. Her knowledge of the practise, her expertise in programming and uncanny understanding of the human body are un paralleled. Each class with this incredible human is a gift that I rarely take for granted.

Jasen Masek

Jasen Masek

Consultant for Home Automation/Certified Yoga Instructor

Hilary Masek and I use Sjanie as a personal weight training coach. We both have chronic back pain. We laid our trust in her to train our bodies and minds to make sure we use the correct posture and muscle integration throughout daily life. It has been a blessing and the only permanent solution I have ever done. Sjanie is a diamond of clarity for mind and body whether in her yoga class, personal training, or a 2 minute chat.

Hiiro Zake-Prince

Hiiro Zake-Prince

Yoga Teacher at The Westin Grand Vancouver

Witty, brilliant, accessible, Sjanie understands how to share a fun and integrated practice that is chock full of anatomy, real life lessons, and the occasional anecdote that will leave you liberated and laughing until your core cries in joy.

Mike Zaremba

Mike Zaremba

Co-Founder Float House

Sjanie is one of those very rare guides who consistently takes me deep into the physical body with intense sensitivity but can also take me deep into the subtler, non-physical body through her words of wisdom and Truth. And to cap it off she can literally make me LOL with her hilarity! One of my most favourite teachers I've encountered throughout my 8 years of practice.

Trina Redgwell

Sjanie is amazing and she alleviated all my concerns about joining Crossfit. I consider myself a huge fan of hers!

Kristine Owen Wood

I was very fortunate to have Sjanie as one of my first yoga teachers. Her classes were (and still are) pure wonderment and magic mixed with an extremely practical and street-savvy bent. Perhaps the most verbally articulate teacher I've ever had, Sjanie takes apart and reassembles yoga from all sides, addressing the sublime to the ridiculous. Her sequences fit together as cleverly as nesting dolls and philosophical themes are raised, examined, and sometimes disproven as quickly as they are proven. Sjanie is utterly unique and beloved by many - the yoga community would not be the same without her. She is one to be sought out without delay!

Sara Beth Austin

PhD student

This woman is a force to be reckoned with. In her classes, I’m greeted with complete acceptance, and have cried on my mat more times than I can count. Never mind; Sjanie provides a sweet, firm, grounding presence (coupled with a most wicked sense of humor) that distills the crazy of life into a simple breath. She somehow, seamlessly weaves stories and life wisdom into the structure of asana (with a delicious alignment-based focus) in a way that leaves me in wonder. Her intelligence is palpable; her ego is not. To sum up the way I feel when I leave her classes, I tell people this: Sjanie knows how to get me to open up spaces in my body I didn’t know existed.

Clara De Freitas

Sjanie is gifted with an intricate understanding of the entire body, and the layers of emotional and mental layers woven within. Sjanie's classes are transformational in complete self discovery. Each class Sjanie guides you to experience new places within yourself and your practice. Sjanie is the embodiment of a teacher, always guiding, explaining and allowing the space for you to experience and observe where she has taken you. Over the last decade I have been honoured to be Sjanie's student, and it is because of her constant evolving and her commitment to her classes that I have experienced such a deep practice. Sjanie is hands down one of the greatest yoga teachers alive today.

Samantha Gutmanis

Coming from an athletic background of soccer and running I had a difficult time finding a yoga instructor who who challenged me physically, spiritually, and mentally. Sjanie was the one who had me coming back to the mat over and over again - through the darkest and most joyful times in my life. Her grounding presence, humour, and athleticism is unique and inspiring, challenging me to be not only a better yogis, but a better human.

K. Johnson

Senior Digital Project Manager

Sjanie’s has this rare talent to articulate complex ideas into digestible, poignant concepts that are easy to absorb, yet always powerful. When instructing me physically, guiding me energetically or musing on life Sjanie’s words bring out the best of me. A true coach. Sjanie is the real deal. Supportive, practical, and super knowledgable in her crafts. The most skilled instructor of any modality I’ve encountered.